Prima Bella® Thor’s Thrush Crushing Black Cream 16 oz (473 ml)


Invented by a Blacksmith in 1938, Arthur Joseph was a WWII soldier that used his hoof dressing on many of the Australian Calvary War horses during their greatest time of need. It had to be the best for his comrades while they carried us through the great war. From his war experiences, he gave the formula he developed, to his daughter and they named it after his wounded warrior hero son-in-law and we now have it available to you! Thor’s Thrush Crushing Black Cream contains Eucalyptus oil, active charcoal to neutralize fungus which is a natural anti- bacterial cream. Our cream was developed to promote healing the hooves from thrush, and other fungus. It is a hammer black color and has a strong natural fragrance.


To help prevent thrush, clean the horses hoof, apply liberally each day.

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Mineral oil, Coconut oil, beeswax, Clove oil Cresol Complex (preservative) Tea Tree Oil, Cinnamon oil, mint, alum, amom seeds, vitamin E and A. Aloe vera, emu oil, eucalyptus oil, Black Active charcoal, natural fragrances.



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External use only, keep out of eyes.


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