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Our History

Royal Origins

The history of horses and dogs predates civilization, and the animals have near-mythic stature in societies across the world. They are associated with strength, beauty, and elite status because of their place among kings and queens.
Rebecca feels that, through the ages, the horse and the dog have carried us to these modern times. We believe that humanity would not have evolved to this level had it not been for their contribution. They have served knights, soldiers, and heroes. Rebecca is a descendant of the Romanian Royal family, and horses served them well. Queen Marie of Romania was a fine equestrienne and loved dogs. She had several, and loved her Afghan and Borzoi dogs. Creating a luxury line of products that encourages health and growth for horses is the very least we can do to honor them.

Connecting To The Past

Rebecca's father, Arthur Joseph, was a WWII soldier who traveled the world over.
In his spare time, he collected a wide array of information about spices, herbs, and
botanicals. A Master Blacksmith and Master Farrier, Arthur worked
in his father's shop from age 12 until he was called to duty. In his travels to Europe and the Middle East, Arthur met East Indians who showed him many herbs and plants that he used to help heal horses.
After the war, he met his beautiful wife, Kathryn Rose, and he proclaimed she stole his heart. As the daughter of two very patriotic and beautiful middle-aged parents, Rebecca feels that she has been given a special knowledge. Rebecca has taken the information that her father gave her and applied it to a beautiful luxury line of products intended for horses.
In 2007, while Arthur lay in bed in hospice care, he stated one last time.

“Rebecca I wish that you would take all of those old formulas that I collected in my travels throughout my life, and put it in a bottle, and make a beautiful product line for animals. It would be the least that I could do for them.”

What will you name your product line? I told him, 'Prima Bella Luxury Products.'

“Perfect! As the ladies that you are a descendant of – 

including you – are all “first beauties!”