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Prima Bella Luxury Products is developed and created by

Rebecca Kaye International

Rebecca's father, Arthur Joseph, was a WWII soldier who traveled the world over. In his spare time, he collected a wide array of information about spices, herbs, and botanicals and their uses. A Master Blacksmith and Master Farrier, Arthur worked in his father's shop from age 12 until his call to duty.

The botanicals and herbs became of interest to him because, while serving in military intelligence G2 in the South Pacific, he contracted numerous diseases. But the aboriginals saved his life by using the plants and trees that grew in the jungles of Australia and Papua New Guinea. A witch, who went by the name Black Chicken, saved Arthur's life numerous times. Arthur’s blood test revealed that he had contracted eighteen diseases from the war. Had he not been treated with the botanical extracts, Arthur surely would have died.

Arthur occasionally shoed cavalry horses. If they were wounded, he treated them so they would not be destroyed.

In his travels to Europe, Arthur met East Indians who showed him many herbs and plants that he used to help heal horses. During his time in Europe, while injured, he met Queen Elizabeth and maintained that meeting such a beautiful, graceful lady healed his heart! After the war, he met his beautiful wife, Kathryn Rosa, who stole his heart!

As the daughter of two very patriotic and beautiful middle-aged parents, Rebecca feels that she has been given a special knowledge. Rebecca has taken the information that her father gave her and applied it to a beautiful luxury line of products intended for horses.

Rebecca Kaye International feels that, through the ages, the horse has carried us to these modern times. We believe that humanity would not have evolved to this level had it not been for the horse's contribution. They have served knights, soldiers, and heroes. Rebecca is a descendant of a Royal family and horses served them as well. Therefore, creating a luxury line of products that encourages health and growth for horses is the very least we can do to honor them.